What Our Customers Think

If it weren't for Yousaf We probably wouldn't be living in NY any more. He took what could have been an unbearable process and managed to guide us from start to finish: from finding listings to wading through all the mind-numbing bureaucratic nonsense. Our set of circumstances were quite particular - 2 ex pats recently moved to NY, both without US credits history; one of us (me) without a US-based employer. The list of properties he found were all well chosen from start to finish. There were no wild cards. Prior to Yousaf i had been shown some absolute shockers for the price range but every flat Yousaf showed us was high spec, with good amenities and at a reasonable price. Where he really stood apart was how patient, understanding and basically caring he was in helping us navigate the various checks and admin required once we chose a flat. We only had half (at best) of what was required of us and felt like the situation was hopeless. Yousaf's dogged determination helped us stay the course when at times i felt like taking a swan dive off the nearest tall building. Seriously i Cannot thank this guy enough and cannot recommend him more strongly. He went way above and beyond. If you're looking for new digs in New York.

July 2016 by Tommaso, Charles Shwab , Upper West Side