What Our Customers Think

Hasani was spectacular to work with. I began my search very early, way before I was actually going to be able to sign a lease with the start-date I wanted. Hasani knew this, but he still took me out for a day of viewings 3-4 weeks in advance of when I could begin my search in earnest. On that set of viewings, he showed me a huge range of apartments covering the full spectrum of my price range (as opposed to only showing me the top of my price range), was knowledgeable about each one and was incredibly pleasant to hang out with for half a day. In contrast, most agents I contacted that early told me to get back in touch in a month.

Hasani and I were in contact after the initial tour and before the weekend I was actually going to be able to sign a lease, staying in touch about my ever-changing preferences for apartment and neighborhood and planning our next outing. The next outing ended up being last weekend. A couple days before, Hasani and I put together a list of the apartments I wanted to see across three different neighborhoods. We began around 11am on Saturday and finished up around 5:30pm. We saw almost all of the apartments on the list (only missing the ones for which the other agent did not show up) and then sat down to go over what we’d seen and weigh the options. Hasani spent probably 90 minutes (at least) with me after the viewings to discuss pros and cons of each, begin making inquiries regarding the apartments I was interested in and generally talk me through my thought process with his expertise. We parted ways early Saturday evening.

After that, we spent most of Sunday on the phone and texting to try to determine which apartment I should go with and trying to contact the appropriate agents to finalize a deal once we decided. For the last week, I have legitimately not texted with anyone in my life more than Hasani. His responsiveness is incredibly fast, whether it’s 7am or 11pm, weekday or weeknight. On Sunday, during the heat of my decision process, Hasani was there every step of the way, making the experience less stressful and bringing perspective to my own feelings about each apartment, often pointing out things I would not have thought of myself. We talked not only about general feelings on the apartments, but also about practical steps, suggested by Hasani, to get to a decision.

Ultimately, I made the decision on Sunday evening. I was approved, thanks to Hasani’s constant contact with the other agent, on Monday morning, and I signed my lease Monday night.

While it may be clichéd to say, Hasani worked tirelessly to make sure I not only got the best possible apartment for my needs, but he was also a joy to spend time with, so much so that several other agents at apartments we viewed thought we were just friends going to see apartments together before we explained our roles. This made a pretty stressful experience much, much easier on me. Hasani clearly has an instinct for how to get you the apartment you want, and I will be recommending him to any of my friends that are searching for an apartment. I’m very pleased that I placed my trust in him, because I couldn’t be happier with the way the process went or the apartment I ultimately chose.

March 2016 by Steve, Attorney , Chelsea