Financial District

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Situated on the southernmost point of Manhattan, you’ll find the Financial District. As a district, it encompasses roughly the area south of City Hall Park, but does not include Battery Park or Battery Park City. The heart of the Financial District is considered to be the corner of Wall Street and Broad Street, both of which are contained entirely within the district. The offices and headquarters of many of New York City’s financial institutions are located here, including the New York Stock Exchange. The Federal Hall National Memorial, the site of first United States capitol and the inauguration of George Washington as first President of the country, is also found here at the corner of Wall Street and Nassau Street. While it is primarily known as the home of financial institutions, the Financial District is becoming increasingly a residential district, as many of those who work in the area now look for opportunities to live near their offices. You will find here hundreds of High-rises, ranging from the new to landmark buildings, with some of the most spectacular and impressive architecture to be found anywhere in New York City. And in this district, luxury and top quality is a given. But not everything here is all about business or finance. There’s the beautiful, newly built Board Walk around the river, which offers the best views of the Statute of Liberty. Battery Park City is located on the west side of the financial district, offering a nice escape from all the hectic lifestyle.


Financial District History

Formerly, Financial District had been regarded as primarily a place to go for daytime investors and office workers from around New York City and the surrounding areas. Financial District now has a growing number of full-time residents, with estimates produced in 2008 displaying that there were around 56,000 individuals living in the area, an increase from the 15 to 20 thousand living there prior to 2001, with many different buildings being modified from office space to apartments and condominiums during the 1990s and 2000s.

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