Buyer's Representation and Its Advantages

Hello, I’m Roman Dvoracek, Principal Broker of Home Residential, Certified Buyer Representative, Certified Negotiation Expert and member of REBNY and NYRS (NY Residential Specialist – top 400 NYC brokers club). I have more than 12 years of experience in NYC Real Estate and over 600 transactions under my belt. I have dedicated my career to working with buyers as for me personally it’s extremely rewarding to help my clients find their dream homes and I meticulously trained my small team to offer nothing short of outstanding service on the buyer side that’s hard to match in competitive NYC environment.

Here are some of my recent buyer testimonials:

"My husband and I highly recommend Roman as your broker!! As the other reviewers have said, he listens to the client's needs, is extremely quick to respond and he knows the city very well. He is willing to go above and beyond to help you find your ideal place. His support and expertise were invaluable during our long and arduous Coop application process. He is professional, is a great negotiator, and is a pleasure to do business with because of his warm, sincere personality"... By Angela and Takuya A, Equity Trader, UWS 2nd Home Purchase - Coop

"I have come across a lot of listing brokers in my search and they all seemed sort of sketchy so I decided to go back to Roman I've been shopping with 2 years ago but didn't end up buying, to help me again on buyer's side. While every savvy person can nowadays do the property search on their own there is some tremendous value to be had when you have someone like Roman in your corner. He will make sure you're not making any hasty decisions, he will guide you having your best interests in mind and most of all he's just a cool guy to work with. Buyer agent fees are already included in the price you pay, it doesn't make sense not to use the services you're essentially paying for. I'm very happy with my decision to stick with Roman and needless to say I love my Condo, exactly where I wanted to be. Cheers!"... By Nik S, Portfolio Manager, Midtown West, Prime Residence - Condo

See more testimonials here.

Purchase of a new home is often the single most expensive financial transaction of your life, wouldn't it make sense to have someone knowledgeable on your side, someone with plenty of experience representing buyers in NYC and reviews to back it up? Someone that has only your best interest to uphold, someone that owes YOU, the buyer, an undivided loyalty, confidentiality, full disclosure, and obedience? Buyer’s Agent commission is already included in the purchase price of the property listed therefore by not using buyer’s representation you’re essentially forgoing the service you are paying for. Additionally, agency laws in NYC Real Estate are clearly defined and each agent is ethically and legally bound to follow the agency laws and responsibilities, therefore, you must remember, every listing agent works solely for the seller and owes the same exact above-mentioned duties to the seller only, no matter how friendly and forthcoming they may seem. The only exception to that dynamic is the dual agency when one  agency represents both sides, seller and buyer, however under this scenario, neither side receives the undivided loyalty, it’s simply impossible to uphold therefore far from ideal and Home Residential never represents both sides of the equation for this exact reason.

With the emergence of sites such as StreetEasy, anyone is capable to search for a property and run some basic comps however comprehensive Home Residential buyer services venture way beyond such scope. Here is what we do for our buyer clients:

  • We will educate you regarding the buying process from A to Z, you will know exactly what to expect at any point along the way no matter which type of property you’re targeting and what your particular circumstances are.
  • We help to prequalify you, for the loan and for the Coop/Condo buying process, based on income, expenses, assets, liabilities, purchase price, monthly maintenance, common charges, property taxes, mortgage rates, and other factors, we look at the whole picture to recommend course of action to make sure the process is smooth and painless from initial showings up to successful closing.
  • We assist with property search, schedule appointments, preview properties for you, select open houses to attend, conduct video tours when you’re not available.
  • We provide property details, tax break down (abated/unabated), property history and evaluations based on multiple factors for residential or investment properties, short and long term outlook, provide comparable sales reports, suggest offer and negotiation strategies.
  • We help prepare board packages in a professional manner to make sure they’re “bulletproof” , we provide guidance and examples of reference letters or gift letters and prepare you properly for Coop interview if necessary.
  • We prepare estimates of return on investment for income generating properties, help educate on 1031 like-kind exchanges along with organizing the entire exchange process with particular attention to timeline management.
  • We provide various referral suggestions based on years of battle-tested experiences for mortgage bankers/brokers, attorneys, inspectors, architects, contractors, decorators, movers etc.
  • We help arrange access to appraisers, contractors etc.
  • We listen, We care, We help.

​Please contact me at [email protected] or call me directly at 718-877-7349 if you have any questions  or would like to discuss potential buyer representation. I look forward to hearing from you.

Best Regards, Roman Dvoracek.